Fadduh maintains a lean business structure, but flexes up for each project by tapping into talent from our freelance network. This allows us to offer boutique agency rates while providing our clients with a top-notch, custom curated team that’s best-suited for their business’ particular needs. But clients never sense we’re not working under the same roof. Every Fadduh job offers a seamless experience. Our teams operate as a tight, unified crew.



becky herman - founder, director of accounts

Becky launched Fadduh in 2017 after spending the previous two decades leading accounts at global and boutique creative agencies like Crispin Porter Bogusky, Grenadier (now Barkley), and Made, as well as running marketing and business development efforts at the Clio Awards, the Miami Herald, and Westfield. Becky had a desire to channel her expertise and account leadership rigor to support clients who desired a more hands-on, personal experience. And, so, Fadduh was born.

Together with her teams, Becky has been responsible for groundbreaking, award-winning work for brands like Old Navy, KraftHeinz, SunnyD, Lyft, and Baby Carrots/Bolthouse Farms. She’s successfully managed new business pitches for MetLife and Groupon, among others. And she’s built her career working on wine, spirits, food, and hospitality brands like Woody Creek Distillers, Wines of Chile, Portalupi Wine/Vaso di Marina, Suerte Tequila, belVita, Triscuit, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, TGI Fridays, Winter Park Resort, and Rocky Mountain SuperPass.

Becky is a straight-shooting Jersey girl known for her chutzpah, passion and innate ability to lead accounts and teams to successful outcomes. She treats her clients like family and usually opts for a hug over a handshake.

The lights of Becky’s life are her wife and twin daughters and, in her downtime, she’s often with them and friends - either cooking and entertaining, gardening, hiking, skiing, or out traveling and exploring.



fadduh family.

Our roster includes a diverse collection of strategy, creative, production, media, and PR experts. Here are some of our regular cast of characters.